SevenGyre 3D Interactive Scene

My project will be an interactive 3D model of a fantasy landscape to simulate the 2nd or “Sacral” Chakra known in Sanskrit as “Svadhisthana,” meaning “your own place.” (In traditions of Yoga practice there are seven Chakras that align along the spine.) The 2nd chakra is located along the lumbar vertebrae, slightly below the navel. It is associated with sensuality, creativity, passionate emotions, flow and flexibility. Associations with this chakra include:

  •         A circle with six petals
  •         A moon crescent
  •         The color orange
  •         Element of water


Symbol for the 2nd "Sacral" chakra
Symbol for the 2nd “Sacral” chakra

To make the scene interactive, I plan to create a series of objects that the player places in specific locations around a fountain. If they select the right objects, a spiral of colorful “energy” emerges from the fountain. I would also like to recreate the Koi fish I created in a previous class. I feel that using Zbrush will help me create a more realistic and beautiful model. If there is time, I would also like to create music soundtrack.

Similar projects:

  •         Deepak Chopra and Wevr Studio’s “Finding Your True Self,” a VR guided meditation
  •         Snowworld” a VR simulation developed by University of Washington Seattle and Harborview Burn Center. Used to assist burn patients alleviate pain.
  •        Yana VR Relaxation for Google Cardboard. Basic graphics of a beach environment with ambient music soundtract.

Software needed:

Unity, ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, Audition (sound editing)

Unity screenshot
Unity screenshot

Assets needed:

  •         “Sphere” environment – a 360 ° environment/playscape
  •         Fountain
  •         Koi fish
  •         Assorted objects – mandala symbol disc, seashell, goblet, etc.
  •         Music

Estimated timeline for each asset:

Prototype scene assembly in Unity 2/21

Prototype game mechanics/interactivity 2/27

Refinement of objects…more to come…


Estimate budget:

Purchase Zbrush $500

Unknowns in software:

  •         Improving modeling skills
  •         How to make spiral energy in fountain
  •         Pipeline from creating objects in Zbrush and Maya then bringing them into Unity
  •         How to use Unity

Steps to complete prototype:

Create rapid prototype to test game mechanics, then refine modeling for each asset, optimize for Unity, import into Unity, refine game mechanics/interaction, import soundtrack and sound effects.