Week 2 update

Most of week 2 was spent in frustration, reading several documentation pages on software/hardware installation and trying to sort out how to set up my computer to publish to Samsung Gear VR. In total I spent 8 hours reading, installing, uninstalling, and reaching the limitations of my laptop computer that is my primary design & modeling computer.

Unreal Engine’s documentation is inaccurate and out of date. I feel that many hours of frustration could be resolved if their documentation was updated and better written. Unreal needs to hire some UX people with some real empathy for new developers.

  • To publish to Android, you must install Android Codeworks, which only works with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (not 2017, which is what Windows 10 and most updated computers have.) Microsoft does have a link to download older 2015 Visual Studio if you dig for it. Visual Studio requires 8 GBs hard drive space, and on my computer it said it must be installed on C: drive. My laptop is limited to 100 GBs C: drive – even with most programs installed on D, I do not have room. I am working on a solution to install VS Studio, Unreal and Codeworks on another computer and port files back and forth to publish.
  • Codeworks is NOT in the folder Unreal’s documentation says it is. You must go down one more folder to find it.

Because I could not get Codeworks to install, I also tried installing Android SDK, Java DK, etc. per this video on using Unreal with Samsung Gear VR which says you do not need Codeworks if you install those components separately, but still received an error that said the SDK was not properly installed.

The bright spot Рby watching the above mentioned video, I successfully put my phone into Developer Mode, plugged it into my computer via USB and ran the Command Prompt to navigate to the correct folder to get the Device ID which gets copied/pasted into the Oculus Developer Tools. This is how you get the Oculus Signature File that goes into a folder in Unreal Engine which helps you publish to your phone.

Another bright spot – I had some mental breakthroughs about how the interactions could work in my VR garden and began sketching in earnest and modeling.