Blueprints for player view


Today I’m following a Pluralsight tutorial on creating a first person camera and teleportation system using Blueprints in Unreal Engine. In this Blueprint, we are creating a way for the player to “teleport” from VR_Pawn to VR_Pawn1 when the number 1 key is pressed on the keyboard, and VR_Pawn2 when the number 2 key is pressed, allowing the player to move around the scene.

VR_Pawn controller

Here are the views as I click between the original, 1 and 2 keys. (Also, I updated the tree a bit from the previous image, but have not tested it in VR yet to see if the geometry “explodes.”)

Press 2

The Blueprint allowed me to successfully move around the scene using keyboard keys while experimenting in the VR Preview.

This was helpful for understanding the concept, but in order for it to work in the Gear VR headset, I will need to understand how to map inputs from Gear VR instead of keyboard keys.