Gaze navigation – destroying emitters after they have been triggered

One of the issues in the game was that if a player’s gaze looked briefly at a glowing sphere (“OnActorBeginOverlap”), it would trigger the “light up” emitter called the spirograph, but if the player did not gaze at the trigger for the full two seconds, the spirograph trigger would remain instead of disappearing. This caused confusion, especially if multiple spirograph emitters began overlapping.

In the picture below, you can see the gaze cursor (rectangular bar) intersecting with the trigger capsule and the spirograph lights up.

Spirograph trigger
Spirograph trigger

In order to solve this problem, the Level Blueprint was modified to add a component, “OnActorEndOverlap” along with “DestroyComponent.” This caused the emitter to be destroyed (disappear) if the gaze cursor was not overlapping it.


To see the Level Blueprint in it’s entirety, watch the video below.

Now all the spirograph “light up” emitters disappear if the player is not looking at them.