Animatic 1 – human figure

It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally figured out how to set keys and do my first animation with the human figure. In this scene, the figure sits in a chair and the IV tube comes down toward the arm.


Here is another animatic after I added some lighting. I used an ambient light behind the figure near the doorway, and a diffuse spotlight directly in front and slightly overhead. I wanted it to look like a clean, white, sterile environment. The shadows give it an edge of tension to empathize with the tense feelings of the patient.

Next I created a curve that I wanted the camera to follow around the room. I was inspired to make a curve similar to the “golden ratio.”

Camera curve
Camera curve

I adjusted the height of the beginning and end points, so that the camera would go up and down as well as around the curve.

You can see from the animatic that it needs some tweaking, but this helped me understand the general theory.

The figure will need some correcting due to the skin deformation that occured when the bones were rigged. I will need to do more research/get help on understanding how to correct with paint weights.