Root Chakra beginnings…

Muladhara: The Root Chakra.

The first of the seven chakras. Physically it is centered at the base of the spine.

Root chakra concept drawing
Root chakra concept drawing

Element: Earth

Associations: Safety, grounding, basic physical strength, vitality and survival.

Gemstones: Ruby, garnet, jasper

Symbols: Fire salamander, cauldron, mushrooms, roots

Lotus has 4 petals: 



Player begins below the root system and travels upward via a “lava path” – a warm red light that guides the player up the roots. As the player climbs, they encounter red glowing “bubbles” that turn orange when the player runs over them. Along the way the player encounters 3D objects that symbolize the fiery root chakra (salamander, cauldron, etc.) These objects may also change (glow?) when the player encounters them.

Once the player reaches the top, the level finishes.

Tree in progress
Tree in progress

Level 2 will be the Sacral Chakra. The player will emerge from the base of the tree root and climb a hill towards a fountain.