Exploding tree

One of the main assets in my scene is a giant tree root. I modeled it in Maya and Zbrush, then imported it into Unreal, where it looks pretty good.

Tree in Unreal

The problem is, when I export the packaged file from Unreal to my phone to view in Gear RV, the tree explodes. Below is a screenshot from Gear VR. The salamander and other elements are OK, but the tree is whacked.

Thinking that the file was too big, I created a tree with fewer polys.

This one is 43MB, 321k triangles, apprx size 1455x2098x1424.

I packaged the file for VR, and still got an exploding tree.

I simplified the tree a bit more, leaving off any of the polypainted texture, and still got an exploding tree.

This one is 41MB, 430k trianglesize 762.1307×841.

My last ditch attempt will be to create an extremely simplified version in Maya and take it straight into Unreal Engine (skipping Zbrush) and see if it works.

Low poly tree

This low poly tree did work in the VR headset. It showed up black because it has not had any materials assigned to it.

low poly tree

I would like to find the “happy medium” of a tree that looks good, but does not explode.