Sacral Chakra landscape

The second chakra is known as the Sacral, or Svadhishthana. In the body it is located in the pelvic area. It’s color association is orange and it is ruled by the element of water. Energies assocated with this chakra are flow, flexibility, creativity and pleasure.

The player begins this level in a watery cave. The VR Pawn player camera is placed inside a post-processing volume that makes it seem as if the player is underwater. Soft music and burbling water sound effects are audio cues.

volumetric post-processing
volumetric post-processing box and VR Pawn “cursor” with a gaze teleportation trigger capsule surrounding the sphere near the entrance.
Post Processing Settings
Post Processing Settings

A volumetric post-processing shape was placed inside the cave and settings were tweaked to give the effect of blurriness and green-blue lighting associated with being underwater. Bloom intensity was set to 2.68, Threshold 1.57, a blue tinted lens flair, and Guassian Depth of Field settings were tweaked. A small pulsating spotlight added to the twinkling water reflection effect.

The player moves around the level by using the Gaze Teleportation system (gazing for 2 seconds at one of the lighted spheres). In this way the player travels around the environment in an upward spiral path. In the center is a column of water falling into a pond. Other watery symbols such as the sea shell remind the player of the chakra’s associations.